2022 Vision

The Association West Pomeranian Chemical Cluster „Green Chemistry” is a successfully operating Cluster on the international research and development arena, focusing enterprises and research institutions from the West Pomerania region and other parts of Poland under the newly built value chains around R&D and demonstration projects related to the so-called ‘green chemistry’, thus leading to a more innovative activities of its members on the Polish and foreign markets.

Cluster Management

The Association West Pomeranian Chemical Cluster „Green Chemistry” was registered in 2007. Its daily operations are regulated in the Status.
The term of all management positions in the Cluster (the General Meeting of Members, the Board of the Association, Audit Commission) lasts 4 years. The Association’s Board consists of 5 people. Team of animators ensures daily contact with the Cluster members, organizes meetings and establishes new business relationships, appoints scientific and industrial consortia.

Participation in the Cluster

Individual and legal people may become Members of the Cluster. Members are divided into: Individual Members (legal people), Supporting Members (legal entities engaged in the chemical or related industry interested in the statutory activities of the Cluster), Local Government Units, Research institutions and other organization bringing together entrepreneurs.


Potential, innovation, internationalization

The Cluster has more than 60 members, including SME’s, big companies and others which in the Cluster hope to gain advantage on the market by combining forces. According to the data from 2014, most active Members employed a total number of 3 876 people, also 54 scientists were active in the functional areas of Cluster. In the years 2007-2014 9 projects were realized, while in 2015 there were 4 R&D projects in progress.
The Association encourages its members to engage in R&D projects, including projects under Horizon 2020. Thus, companies have access to knowledge and business contacts abroad – participation in trade fairs, conferences and economic missions. Approximately 2/3 of the Cluster Members, who participated in the benchmarking study on Polish clusters in 2014, confirmed that the Cluster has contributed in recent years to the product innovation, process and marketing companies.

Joint initiatives

The activity of the Cluster is carried out within the four thematic areas: fertilizers, packaging, energy efficiency and materials recovery. The latest one was initiated at the turn of 2014-2015, and is in line with the European trends. On the other hand energy aspects relate primarily to achieving energy saving and energy efficiency through the introduction of new process techniques in the chemical industry and new techniques for energy production. With an emphasis on exchange of knowledge and experience, the Board of Cluster organizes regular meetings, trainings and conferences. There is also a “Chemika Expo” conference held every year. A significant group of stakeholders are involved in the development of new products and services, also research and development projects. Close cooperation of companies with Center for Bioimmobilisation and Innovative Packaging Materials (CBIMO) of West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin contributes to the development and implementation of innovative solutions in the chemical industry.



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