Polish-Norwegian project entitled Photocatalytic and photoelectrochemical reduction of dioxide carbon coordinated by ZUT in Szczecin will receive funding from the POLNOR CCS 2019 competition

In September 2019, the National Center for Research and Development (NCBR), acting as the Operator of the “Applied Research” Program, announced the opening of a competition for Polish-Norwegian research projects in the field of carbon capture and storage (POLNOR CCS 2019). An amount of 11.764.706 EUR was allocated to the co-financing projects. Only applications of an application nature could be supported under the competition.

POLNOR CCS 2019 are competitions financed under the Norwegian and European Economic Area (EEA) Funds for the years 2014-2021 under the ‘Applied research’ program. The goal of the program is to improve the results of Polish applied research in Poland through better research cooperation between Poland and Norway. The cooperation is to be based on equal partnerships between Norwegian and Polish research institutions and enterprises. The program supports the establishment of long-term strategic partnerships between research institutions and enterprises in Norway and Poland through large bilateral research projects to improve the quality of scientific results, improve the visibility of Polish science on the international stage, establish public-private partnerships, strengthen links between innovation, research and education, and increase innovation. The program also aims to prepare project promoters, project partners and researchers for further research cooperation under the European framework programs for research and technological development and demonstration activities, as well as for cooperation under other European programs and initiatives. The program contributes to the development of the European Research Area.

Project Photocatalytic and photoelectrochemical reduction of dioxide carbon  (with the acronym PhotoRed) is coordinated by the West Pomeranian University of Technology and was ranked second in the ranking list of projects recommended for funding. As part of POLNOR CCS 2019, a consortium concluded between ZUT, the University of Southeastern Norway, and SINTEF AS Industry and SINTEF AS Ocean will implement a three-year project with a total value of 8 million PLN, of which nearly 5 million PLN is allocated to tasks carried out by ZUT in Szczecin .

Source: NCBR